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Saw Palmetto Serenoa Repens Sabal


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Pack: 60 Capsules
Food supplement Serenoa repens or Sabal is a small palm tree, native to the southern and sub-tropical regions of the Atlantic coast of North America and certain Mediterranean regions of North Africa, southern Spain and Mallorca. Its small fruits, in bright red berries like are a balm for the male being.
What is a supplement based on dry Serenoa repens extract, standardized to 30% fatty acids and sterols, supplements useful to the production of hormones in the human body. The only other ingredient is present organic rice flour.
It does not contain allergens. What is useful and how does The tradition reminds us of ancient stories and examples of how the ripe fruits of this tropical palm tree can support the functionality and prostate health.
In fact, from the fruits of Serenoa repens is valuable active ingredients extract, fatty acids and sterols, essential for the production of hormones in our bodies, in particular in humans. By adjusting the levels of testosterone, this remedy can be useful for improving prostate health, given that, after age 40, it is the alteration of the blood levels of testosterone one possible cause of prostatic hypertrophy.
Several studies have also suggested that Serenoa repens can be a valuable support in cases of nocturia, frequent urge to urinate at night, acting antispasmodic activity of the urinary tract muscles, responsible for the sudden and involuntary contraction.
METHOD 'FOR USE: 2-3 capsules a day, accompanied by a generous sip of water.
NET WEIGHT: 14.6 grams.
Ingredients: (Serenoa repens-Bartram Small, fruit) dry extract titrated at 30% fatty acid, gelatin (capsule), rice flour.

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