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Salts Sea Dead


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Dead Sea Salts
Magnesium: when there is a lack of magnesium accelerates the normal aging process of the skin ( there are 40 mg of magnesium per liter of water in the Dead Sea) ;
Bromide : it is a very important element that promotes relaxation;
Calcium: essential for strong bone and healthy;
Iron: carries oxygen through the circulatory system :
Iodine : supports the processes of metabolism;
Potassium regulates the hydration of the skin;
Sulfur: has an excellent disinfecting effect .
- It has a purifying and detoxifying , increases the supply of oxygen to the cells remineralized skin and making it bright and vital. - He has draining properties and carries out a processing aid in the cosmetic treatment of cellulite and water retention in tissues that gives firmness and tone. - Relieves joint pain by reducing muscle stiffness and rheumatic diseases . - Promotes relaxation and relaxation (bromo ) , eliminating tension , stress and fatigue. - Helps improve skin problems like eczema , psoriasis , etc. .
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