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Royal Jelly 1000


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Royal Jelly 1000

New Pack of 16 pocket drink

Tonic tonic drink drinkable in pocket , suitable for the whole family : from school children to seniors . Its components give is in fact the energy you need to face study days that the charge and the vitality necessary in the life of every day. The recommended daily intake is about 1000 mg of fresh Royal Jelly as well as other major components .
Does not contain: artificial colors, artificial flavors , ogm. Suitable for vegetarians .
It is recommended to take 1 bottle a day , preferably in the morning
It ' a secretion of young worker bees and is the only food of the queen bee . Royal jelly , also known as royal jelly for its whitish appearance , is a substance high in protein as it is made ​​for more than 45 % of dry matter from proteins and free amino acids . The lipids found in royal jelly are identifiable as fatty acids and charitable activities have natural antibiotic . The vitamins present in the real substance are those of the group B (B1 , B2, B5 , B6 , B12 ) of which a high concentration of pantothenic acid in foods hardly evincibile . The trace minerals identified in this substance are essentially ZU , CU , Ni, Ca , K, Na , Mg , Sn , Co, Cr, Fe , Mn , Hg, Au, S, P , J , Br, As, B, CI , Si enzymes made ​​by the bee royal jelly are essentially the diastase , phosphatase , invertase , catalase , and hyaluronidase . II Its daily use has no contraindications being a living source of health and well-being that enhances the body's natural resources . It ' was found that the intake of royal jelly stimulates the appetite and growth of children, normalizes the ovarian activity , regenerates the sexual functions , eliminate physical fatigue and mental facilitating the work and intellectual muscle , also slows the phenomena of involution that are typical of senescence .
And ' the substance that bees process for feeding the larvae during the first three days of life and for the queen bee throughout its life cycle .
Water , 15-20 % protein , amino acids ( including all essential for man ) , carbohydrates 12 % , 2 % lipids , acetylcholine is present , mineral salts such as calcium , potassium, phosphorus , copper, iron , manganese, vitamins B group, vitamins A, C , D, E. It contains an antibiotic factor ( particularly active on Proteus , and E. coli ) and a type of gonadotropic hormone substance .
The most important concerns the neuropsychological effects on balance , it is shown that its consumption leads to an increase of oxygen utilization in tissues and oxygenation , leading to a less depressed and more attentive, stimulates the adrenal glands and the formation of erythrocytes . It has action eupeptic with regularization of digestive processes and improved appetite .
Asthenia , anorexia , weight loss, states of thinness, convalescence , in geriatrics , anemia, depression, disease prevention of influenza.
Iron (28 mg) Royal jelly lyophilized ( 333.3 mg) equal to fresh Royal Jelly ( 1000mg) Pollen extract ( 100 mg) Acerola e.s. tit . 25% ( 1.00 ml) Cranberry juice conc . ( 250 mg )

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