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Packaging: 30 Capsules in Blister Retard
Food supplement with Biotinax , vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to promote the tropism of the hair, nails and skin. The special Retard capsule contains 4 small tablets . 2 mainly of sulfur amino acids and minerals 2 mainly based on sulfur amino acids and vitamins.
The release is delayed and differentiated , to ensure that the organization can use a gradual and complete nutrient contained in them .
The special formulation RETARD studied by ESI guarantees that the organization can use a gradual and full of nutrients. The capsule RETARD ESI contains 4 small tablets with a delayed release and differentiated between them. The 4 small tablets , which may also be enteric , disintegrate at different times allowing for a gradual and steady release of the principles contained in them and providing the body with a sufficient time to assimilate and carry the active ingredients throughout the body , and therefore offer a ' prolonged action (called action RETARD ) .
Biotinax , a patented formula by ESI consists of biotin , methionine and cystine . Methionine and Cystine are sulfur amino acids that strengthen the keratin structure of the hair, giving them strength and elasticity . Biotin is able to balance the production of sebum in the skin and scalp , removing the hair problems related to this dysfunction . Folic Acid and Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) , for the tropism of the hair. Zinc, is useful for the welfare of hair and nails. Selenium and Vitamin E, antioxidants. Copper , promotes normal hair coloring .
How to use
Retard 1 capsule per day .
D , L- methionine ( 250 mg ) L -cystine (50 mg ) Vitamin B5 ( 9 mg ) Vitamin E ( 7.5 mg ) Zinc oxide ( 7.5 mg ) Vitamin B6 ( 2 mg ) Copper gluconate (1 mg ) Folic acid (300 mcg) D -biotin (50 mcg) Selenium yeast (50 mcg
Not Contains: Gluten, added preservatives, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, GMO. Suitable for vegans.

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