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WARNING! RIGENDIET has been replaced with RIGENFORTE
Dietary supplement Vitamins and Minerals with Bi..

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WARNING! RIGENDIET has been replaced with RIGENFORTE
Dietary supplement Vitamins and Minerals with Biotinax ( methionine, cystine and Biotin ) profit for the tropism of the skin , hair and nails. The special formula developed by ESI , using a capsule containing 4 release tablets different , allowing a gradual and steady , providing the body with a sufficient time (more than two hours ) to absorb and transport throughout the body active and provide then sustained action , defined action Retard .
Practical Guide
To increase the tensile strength of 30 %
The number of hairs in growth phase
The diameter of the hair
Biotinax is a supplement of vitamins , minerals and amino acids useful for the welfare of hair, nails and skin.
It is a special mixture of biotin and sulfur amino acids (methionine and cystine) developed by the research laboratories of the ESP , which is designed to facilitate the tropism and the vitality of hair and other skin appendages (hair and nails).
Hair must be considered in all respects vital structures , as such , require the proper intake of specific nutrients and oxygen. The lack of these important factors , together with external aggression or chemical type (such as shampoos, dyes , environmental pollution ) than physical ( eg, styling ) and the action of harmful free radicals , can lead to ' weakening of hair , loss of elasticity , strength and ultimately to their downfall. The components of Rigendiet © RETARD with BIOTINAX are a good help for our hair.
- folic acid plays an important role in the metabolism of amino acids and protein synthesis and is therefore essential for the growth of all cells , including hair , methionine and cystine are sulfur amino acids to strengthen the structure keratin of hair , thereby giving them strength and elasticity.
Anti -free radical
- Vitamin E, selenium , copper and zinc play an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and counteract the processes of cellular aging .
Restructuring action
- pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) makes hair stronger, shiny hair. Action sebum-regulating - zinc and biotin rebalance sebum production in the skin and scalp .
Action pigrnentante
- Copper is an important cofactor of keratinization and stimulates the formation of melanin that gives color to the skin and hair
The special capsule Rigendiet RETARD with BIOTINAX contains 4 compressine :
2 mainly of sulfur amino acids and minerals
2 mainly of sulfur amino acids and vitamins.
The release is delayed and differentiated between them.
All four compressine are gastro , or through the stomach remained almost intact, and arrive in the intestine (in which case [ absorption) which dissolve at different times to ensure agency the possibility of a utilization gradual and full of the nutrients they contain.
In contrast, a normal tablet release its components already in stomach , thus making poor their bioavailability and their absorption in the compartment intestinal .
D , L- Methionine 250 mg
L- cystine 50 mg
Yeast selenium equivalent to Selenium 50 mcg
Vitamin E acetate 50% equal to vitamin E - 7.5 mg
Calcium Pantothenate equal to Vit.B5 9 mg
Zinc oxide equal to Zinc 7.5 mg
Copper gluconate equivalent to Copper 1 mg
Vitamin B6 hydrochloride equivalent to Vit.B6 2 mg
Folic Acid 300 mcg
D- Biotin 50 mcg
Terms of Use:
1 capsule retard a day containing 4 compressine , with plenty of water , we recommend taking at least 90 days .
30 capsules retard in blister
Does not contain: gluten , added sugar , preservatives , artificial flavors, artificial colors , GMOs .

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