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Pure Vitargo


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Vitargo Pure
Starches quickly absorbed for a speedy muscle recovery.
Vitargo® is a starch (a complex carbohydrate formed by a long chain of glucose molecules) patented, designed to be absorbed by the body so as to provide a balanced rise and long-lasting blood glucose. In the efforts of power Vitargo® is indicated for the recovery since it allows to restore the muscle glycogen without incurring glycemic peaks.
Posology: 3 measures of the product (25 g) in 100 ml of water after the effort. Shake the mixture a few seconds before drinking.
Packaging unit: Can 1 kg *. * With measuring cup from approximately 8 g.
Ingredients: Vitargo® (Complex carbohydrates, glucose polymers, high molecular weight / starch).
Nutritional information:
Analysis Average per 100 g Calories: 372 kcal (1581 kJ) Protein: 0 g Carbohydrates: 93 g Fat: 0

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