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PROPOLAID Pure Extract


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PROPOLAID Pure Extract
Hydroalcoholic extract of propolis concentrate 1:3 from Alcohol Organic , to be used in drops on a sugar cube or a teaspoon of honey. The concentration of this type of Propolis ensures a result quicker . Useful for combating the problems of the cold periods of the year and benefit the body's natural defenses . 100% natural product .
Propolis hydroalcoholic solution ( made from alcohol organic ) 50 ml Alcohol : 80 % vol .
Terms of Use: 20-30 drops pure diluted in water, sugar or juice several times a day .
PACKAGE: 50 ml bottle with dropper
Does not contain: gluten, deriv . milk , lactose, preservatives , artificial flavors, artificial colors , GMOs . Suitable for vegetarians . 100% natural product .

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