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Primum Acquaretic


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Primum Aquaretic
Packaging: 250 ml.
PRIMUM aquaretic Food supplement The draining active to feel lighter.
Primum aquaretic Dren is a formulation without alcohol made from plant extracts Pilosella, Birch, Java tea, dandelion, Solidago, Sweet Clover and concentrated juices.
naturally fights water retention, stimulating the elimination of excess fluids and by tackling cellulite. Primum Dren is a dietary supplement based on plant extracts Pilosella, Java tea, dandelion, Solidago, Birch and Sweet Clover useful to favor the elimination of excess fluids.
Active ingredients: dried Pilosella Extracts, Java tea, dandelion, Solidago, Birch, Sweet Clover, Bioflavonoids blood orange, plum juice concentrate and apple, Potassium.
METHOD 'FOR USE: 1 level tablespoon (10 ml) as such or diluted in a large glass of water after an overnight fast or in 1 liter of water to drink during the day.

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