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Potassium Alum Plus


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Potassium alum Plus
natural mineral antiodorante
Pack : 75g
II crystal of potassium is an effective natural antibacterial agent and leaves the perspiration from our skin totally free .
The crystal of potassium is hypoallergenic and is suitable for all skin types and df protects more than 24 hours .
The smell of all of us is extraordinarily good .
In truth that happens in shares of our sweaty corpo.che are hot and humid , and many bacteria Microorganisms are the ideal environment to breed ;
are no doubt these are the real culprits of the unpleasant smell that all we know well.

Wet the crystal with water and wipe gently psulle areas.
Past herpes sores and boils them to regress rapidly.
How to shave eliminates the causes of skin irritation of shaving.
' It prevents chafing from diaper for children.
* In case of minor cuts or abrasions helps the healing of tissues.
Eliminates the smell of fish , garlic , onions, etc. from hands.
ll Crystal Potassium last long in fact the equivalent of 10/12 soaps .
Caution: Do not place it on a surface of marble or granite

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