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Ortica Plus


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Urtica dioica L. Family: Urticaceae Medicinal plant Part used: Leaves, roots.
Confezioneda. 100 op. - 350 mg / op.
Urtica dioica (aerial parts) powder 150 mg Urtica dioica (aerial parts) 200 mg dry extract (1:4)
Flavonoids (quercetin-3-0-glucoside, isoramnetin-3-0-glucoside, rutin), lignans (9-9'-bisacetil-neoolivil-4-0-glucoside, etc..), pigments (chlorophyll b, and xanthophylls betacarotina ), amines (histamine, choline, serotonin), scopoletin, triterpenes, sterols, organic acids, silicates, nitrates, rich in trace elements and vitamins (A, B2, C, K), fruttosani.
Physiological purpose
Cadiuva the physiological functions of the kidneys with an increase in the filtered blood, and consequent increase in the volume of urine produced by partial recovery also chlorides and nitrogen content, and bile secretion. Positive effect on some physiological processes in immune function by promoting the welfare of the joints also favors the physiological functions involved in the formation of hemostasis.
Recommended intake
1000 - 3000 mg per day - 2 capsules 2 times daily

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