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Neutral hennč


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Neutral HENNE'
lawsonia inermis coloring natural for hats
Natural henna, black Henna, neutral Henna, red Henna, Blond Henna, brown Henna, Henna Mahogany. IT CONTAINS HENNE' IN SEVERAL FORMULATIONS, ognuna to the 100 gr of extracted vegetable to 100% APPLICATION, solo for COSMETIC use, not to ingest, for external use only, becomes diluted the powder in warm water, and it is applied on the leather capelluto, dry ground, is maintained in rests for 45 minuteren, to rinse and to use of the balsam in order to soften hats.
FAMOUS, this famous illustrative one does not want to be replaced to the opinion medical, that it goes however consulted to the insorgence of a whichever symptom.
HENNE', lawsonia inermis Family of the Lythracee, E' a shrub cultivated in Africa of the North, in India, and Ceylon. The greater producers are the Sudan, the Egito, India, Can ragiungere from the 2 to the 4 meters of height, ifiori are white man-cream, are used in order to dye hats, use the leaves.
FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Henna, for the coloration of the hats to which it donates to second of the colorations a beautiful natural color and splendentem has one antiinflammatory action on the leather capelluto

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