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Solar and Monoi de Tahit

Solar and Natural Monoi de Tahiti

Tan : a ritual that accompanies our holiday . Sun exposure is a pleasure. trasformiamolo not a risk!

The products presented in this section allow you to get a perfect tan and sun damage by preventing the formation of free radicals and photoaging .
Furthermore , preserving the skin's natural defenses through the use of a plant complex synergistically active concentrates from flowers , leaves and roots with strong sedative properties as well as soothing - hydrating effect intensifying .

TYPE OF complexion and sun exposure
Phototype 1 and 2 Blonde
leather and crystal clear particularly sensitive clear eyes, red or blond hair . for those subject to spots . exhibition Intensive : tropics , boat, mountains.
Phototype 3 Brown
pale skins but with good response tanning , skin and brown hair.
Phototype 4:05 Bruno
- skin and dark hair which is light enough protection .

Sunscreens and SPF
Sunscreens are substances which, when applied to the skin, most of the radiation shield the sun and allow you to create cosmetics with different levels of SPF protection .
They play well , the important function of protecting the skin and promote dall'eritema tan.
The SPF (Sun Protection Factor = sun protection factor ) followed by a number or an adjective indicating what you can prolong the exposure to the sun before getting burned. The method of measuring SPF , used, refers to guidelines COLIPA * internationally recognized .

Polynesian language "Mono "means" scented oil "and it is obtained from the happy marriage between two characteristic products of those islands : the coconut (Cocos nucifera ) and Tiaré flower ( Gardenia Tahitensis ) .
The flesh of coconuts , trimmed of their outer part , is put to dry in the warm tropical sun and then processed to extract the precious oil from the well known softening properties , silky and protective .
Oil thus obtained are put to soak the flowers Tiara, the emblem of Tahiti and ornamentation characteristic of Polynesian women , which enrich their warm and intoxicating fragrance .
Use of Monoi de Tahiti , handed down to us from ancient times , is a typical aspect of Polynesian culture that is operated for the beauty and fragrance the skin and hair.

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True aloe Gel Screw + Tea Tree

True aloe Gel Screw + Tea Tree

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