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Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo (shampoo also in Italian) is a hair care product used to remove grease, dirt, skin particles, environmental pollution and / or other polluting particles that gradually formed on the hair. Its function is to remove the unwanted formation gently and without making the hair out of control.
The conditioner is a product for the treatment of human hair used to increase consistency.
The use of a balm, in English "conditioning" is necessary as a result of excessive removal of sebum after shampooing: the balm is essentially asked to perform the functions of the natural sebum (reduce static electricity, increase brilliance of the hair, etc..) without making the negative characteristics of sebum.
The hair can be damaged by numerous injuries related to the cosmetic treatment of the hair itself. The balm increases the tractability of the hair by reducing the static electricity, improving the adhesion of the stem cuticle and keeps the right structure layers easier to handle. It can be used to treat cosmetic abnormalities of the hair, including split ends.
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Softening Balsam

Softening Balsam

Softening Balm bottle: 200ml The softening balm Tea Nature, used as doposhampoo, gives them more volume to the hair to comb and soft to the touch....

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