Cosmetics Face

Cosmetics Face

Plant extracts , natural oils , vitamins and minerals selected for beauty treatments for specific each skin type .

Each type of skin , mixed , dehydrated , oily or sensitive needs to be addressed in an adequate starting with the most appropriate cosmetic products for cleaning daily .

The most comprehensive treatment cosmetics can best develop its effect only on the skin perfectly clear that it is essential to use:

cleaners delicate Tonics Sweet able to remove all traces of impurities and give freshness and radiance to the face

Masks Matted for solve aesthetic problems quickly , to ward off fatigue and prepare the skin for application of creams which are intended to preserve the youth and prevent aging phenomena .

Leather Mixed and Normal

It has features intermediate between dry skin and fat : fat is apparent only in the so called T (forehead, nose and chin ) where it is usually a greater number of sebaceous glands and is dry or normal in the remaining areas .
The difference between the various areas of the face is not very strong until the gland activity is balanced, but occurs when an excessive secretion of sebum , with pores in which the fat stagnates easily and it oxidizes , giving rise to the classical dots blacks , there is a need for cosmetic intervention focused and effective.
The combination skin needs to be balanced and purified , but without neglecting the protection and nourishment.

Dry Skin , dehydrated , Alipio

Thin and fragile in nature , because his poor sebum sebaceous glands function more slowly, is characterized by a shortage of hydro-lipid film .
This condition makes it more vulnerable and lowers its power and aggressive defense against the action of dehydrating agents such as cold weather , wind , temperature and exposed to the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines .
Hydrate does not mean " wet the skin because it absorbs water from the outside ( waterproof ), cosmetics tip for dry skin to restore and maintain the constant hydration of superficial layers of reinforcing the hydro lipid film and thus helping to retain the ' water that comes from within.
This type of skin needs to be enriched with active substances whose action is manifested by a strong reinstatement of water and fatty acids.

oily skin

E 'characterized by a higher than normal production of sebum on the skin that forms an oily film which, once deposited in the pores , it oxidizes on contact with air and causes the formation of impurities and points blacks especially in the face of T that is opposite , Nose and chin.
Shiny and imperfections but are not the only consequences of excessive sebum production : you alter the pH of skin and skin barrier protection loses its natural defense capabilities by promoting the growth of bacteria ;
the greasy coating allows the accumulation on the skin of pollutants such as dust , dirt , smog you stick more easily.
pimples appear on the face and points blacks that cause redness and prevent the skin to breathe and oxygenate correctly.
effort to renew the skin , its texture becomes thick and irregular pores dilate and inflammation occur more easily .
A skin of this type needs specific treatments able to purify it thoroughly and gently rebalance but at the same time moisturizer to keep it fresh and vital as restoring a more uniform, satin and bright , without a trace of greasiness.

delicate and sensitive skin

Tingling , redness , irritation reactions to the ongoing external demands for self-defense . Hydrolipidic film altered the composition of water and sebum.
Skin -reactive , fragile and delicate : the main cause of his hypersensitivity is an exaggerated anxiety response to aggression and internal and external as mood disorders (anxiety, sadness , irritability ... ), sun , wind and cold.
In the winter months causes irritation may be:
The cold and wind that deplete the natural protective barrier of skin ( the hydro-lipid film ) , subtracting fat and water ;
The frequent transition from hot to cold of the interior , exterior , which prompts sudden expansion and contraction of blood vessels causing redness of the peripheral microcirculation .
In the city tends to retain moisture in the air pollution, dust, toxic particles ... and, although the role harmful pollution has not yet been quantified scientifically , all these substances adhere to the skin surface sebum by binding to and becoming an irritating factor continuous .
In summer , however, a major cause of irritation is exposure to ultraviolet light.
The fragile skin needs constant attention back to shine. That's why we must not forget to treat it with specific ability to effectively protect and restore full comfort and welfare .

VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio

VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio


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VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio 100


VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio Packaging: 100 ml. The particular composition of this Aloe Vera Gel Organic vera skin makes it an excellent natural moisturizer..

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