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Mistletoe TM
Pack of 50ml
Viscum album or European mistletoe is an evergreen plant and semiparassita, which grows on the branches of deciduous trees in Europe and northern Asia. Its roots penetrate through the bark, the wood of the tree-guest. The green branches of mistletoe, 40-60 cm long, form bushes pendants with opposite leaves, leathery, yellow-green and obovate closely. From March to May flowers that appear as soon as you see, light yellow or green; the female flowers develop white berries that ripen between September and November. Mistletoe can be seen most commonly on the old apple trees, ash or hawthorn. Traditionally, the Mistletoe oak was the most used, although less Mistletoe grows on oak trees that previously mentioned.
Viscum album contains several pharmacologically active substances, such as alkaloids, polysaccharides, fenilpropani, lignans, and lectins "viscotossine".

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