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Licorice Tronchetti


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Licorice Tronchetti Amarelli
Logs of pure licorice Calabria.
Bags 100gr

Scientific name: Glycerrhiza Quality known in Italy and Glabra echinata
Glycerrhiza The name derives from the greek and means "sweet root" while the word "bald", the plain meaning "smooth, hairless," refers to the legume and its leaves have this aspect. Licorice is a perennial herb, belongs to the family of Papilionaceae, Leguminosae or otherwise known as their fruit is a pod consisting of two halves joined together for the edges. The plant reaches a height of one meter, is a perennial shrub from the woody base, has bushy, fitted with a tap-root long and winding stolons that spread in terreno.Gli creeping stolons are branches that grow on the soil or more often bury emit roots from the nodes and then to rise to new plants. (From the Latin Apostle runners-onis = bud). The leaves are compound, paripennate, formed by a number ranging from four to seven leaves from elliptic short petiole, glabrous and slightly slimy bottom. The plant is characterized by flowers with corolla of five petals, one of which, the eldest, has the name banner, two side wings are called to this, two more or less welded together are called hull shape similar to the the hull of a boat. The flowers are pale violet-blue, collected in the ear with a long stalk. Flowering occurs in summer during June-July. There are different qualities of licorice. In Italy in particular there are two species: the "echinata" and "hairless.

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