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Guar Gum Centofiori


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Guar Gum
Pack of: 100 cps of 500 mg
Recommended dose 2 cps 2 times a day before meals taken with 1-2 glasses of water
Physiological effect: Guar gum modulates and limits the absorption of nutrients and facilitates the sense of satiety.
Guar gum is a valid ally against diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol
Confirmed by numerous studies, the hypoglycemic properties of guar gum depend on its ability to regularize the glycemic index of the meal, slowing down and reducing the absorption of glucids; For this reason it is a very useful complement to diabetic nutrition.
Guar gum is also indicated for high cholesterol sufferers, given its ability to lower blood levels of LDL. The intestinal fermentation of this fiber, operated by local bacterial flora, originates short chain fatty acids, some of which, after being absorbed, are delivered directly to the liver. At this point, short-chain fatty acids perform their cholesterol-lowering action by reducing cholesterol synthesis.

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