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Greenfield Summer Bouquet


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Greenfield Summer Bouquet
Excellent herbal tea flavored raspberry.
Ingredients: hibiscus, rose hips, dried apples, pieces of raspberries.
Net weight, gr. 50
Type Filters 25 x 2g.
Rich flavors of ripe raspberry, rose hips and hibiscus create aromatic and fruity flavor of Summer Bouquet.
Known as the Wild Rose Wild Rose and Rose Sharon that we often call hibiscus.
Both form the basis of the bright flavor of Summer Bouquet. The healing properties of these plants have been noted by some people a long time ago. Today archaeologists are drawings of wild rose on columns of palaces of Babylon and Assyria that are dated around 3000a.C. Hippocrates. father of modern medicine, considers berries Rosehip an excellent remedy for sustaining physical strength.
The wonderful properties Rose Sharon also dahli men were known for a long time, as the legends say, Egyptian Pharaohs prepared magic drink from the bell of this flower. The recipe of the drink has been delivered from God and was kept in strict secret. In the composition of Summer Bouquet, the characteristic flavor of rose berries Canine softens the sharp acidity of hibiscus and ripe raspberry, and give particular richness to the taste of the infusion.

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