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Greenfield Honey Rooibos


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Greenfield Honey Rooibos
Herbal tea, flavored with honey.
Ingredients: rooibos, honey natural.
Net weight, gr. 37.5
Type Filters 25 x l, 5g.
The drink ethnic Honey Rooibos is prepared with dried buds of the plants that grow rooibos in South Africa. In composition Honey Rooibos natural sweet flavor is highlighted with notes of honey itself. In the Cape of Good Hope, in the valley of the mountains of Cedarberge grow plants red-yellow with long red branches. The local natives, the Bushmen, who speak Afrikaans call these plants "Rooibos". which means "red plant". Compare this plant with a giant porcupine who lies down for a nap in the hot sun of Africa.
The Bushmen collect the needle-like leaves and make a tincture. The drink is famous for its healing properties and is often called Elixir of Bushmen. We do not know the exact moment when the Bushmen have made with the leaves of the tea but rooibos we know who is the man who has rediscovered this drink and has exported worldwide. His name was Benjamin Ginsberg He came from Odessa. Early in the 20th century as fate would have, Ginsberg came to South Africa. This was the place for which he bought his lucky ticket, and for several years he traveled by ship with the Elixir of Bushmen selling it in the ports Europeans. In the Old World the important plant quality red were not only duly appreciated, but also related the quality scientifically proven. Today Rooibos plantations occupy the whole Cedarberg valley and more than half of crop is exported, mainly to Japan, Europe, Australia and the United States.
Scientific research has shown that Rooibos is rich in natural antioxidants, it contains many vitamins and rnicroelementt essential to the human organism and is caffeine-free. It has soothing effect and slows aging.
And with a delicate hint of honey, as in Greenfield Honey Rooibos Tea, the drink has a taste particularly good.

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