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Greenfield Green Melissa


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Greenfield Green Melissa
Chinese green tea flavored with lemongrass and aroma mint and lemon.
Ingredients: Green Tea in bulk, and lemon balm leaves mint, lemon flavor natural.
Net weight, gr. 37.5
Type Filters 25 x l, 5g.
The special flavor of Green Melissa is created by the balanced combination of green tea and herbals aromatic, mint and lemon balm.
Persephone, jealous wife of the ruler of the underworld god Hades once found her husband in the arms of the beautiful nymph Mint. In anger he turned Mint In green grass and even almighty Hades could not bring back the nymph his human image. Later, the only thing that could do for her was to give the plant strong, fresh and spicy aroma. This is like the fragrant mint appeared on Earth, as the ancient Greeks believed. They also knew that the mint actually cured many diseases, made the flexible mind and emotions balanced. The aroma of mint was a good thing, elevated mood and made mention more lively people. For this reason, the dining rooms were scented with mint water, tables were rubbed with mint leaves and guests were often offered mint diadems, History of melissa is not less interesting. The great Avitsenna pointed to the healing properties of this plant by the end fragrance similar to that of lemon and recommended melissa as a remedy for heart disease. In bouquet of Green Melissa as a mild aroma of natural lemon melissa and a slightly spicy taste of mint in order to emphasize the flavor of Chinese tea astringent. The infusion of this tea has a greenish color clean, soft flavor and aroma combined from various spicy notes.
This tea refreshes effectively and helps you relax

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