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And ' essential for the production of hemoglobin, assisting in prevenre states of iron deficiency, supports the growth and disease resistance .
Factors that may determine the iron deficiency : an abuse of coffee and tea inhibits the absorption of Fe.
Women , especially during menstruation , they need extra iron. A proper balance calcium - phosphorus is essential for optimal absorption . The ascorbic acid favors the absorption helping to reduce the ferric iron to ferrous .
Packaging: 100 Capsules
Ingredients :
Rosa canina fruit powder Amount per capsule: 425 mg Iron gluconate Amount per capsule: 55 mg
Recommended dosage :
1 capsule 2 times daily
Content per daily dose :
Rosa canina fruit powder 850 mg Iron gluconate 110 mg equivalent to 13.2 mg of iron (94.2 % RDA )
Physiological effect : Provides a default contribution Iron

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