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nutrient Argan oil, sweet almond and rice bran Vitamin E and Oryzanol
The skilful combinat..

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nutrient Argan oil, sweet almond and rice bran Vitamin E and Oryzanol
The skilful combination of Argan oil, sweet almond and bran Rice, rich substances similar to those of the skin, to increase moisturizing and skin regeneration, and precious oils essential magic elixir, is the best recipe for relaxation before your shower or bath and dissolve, as if by magic, the fatigue and the worries of the day giving new softness and vitality.
Usage: a gentle massage on the skin heats up moderately oil, it releases the essential oils, relieves muscle tension and away fatigue.
Spread throughout the body is the ideal formula to rehydrate and nourish the body skin with natural ingredients.
Ideal for massage and whirlpool. Product particularly suitable for dry, sensitive and easy to redness.
It can be used every day.
�� Argan Oil contains very high amounts of unsaturated acids (80%) and vitamin E as well as other anti-oxidants such as flavonoids and tocopherols, which give hydrating, nourishing and shield. In particular: -Protects the skin and slows dehydration and keratinization (physiological deficiency of fatty acids) -Easily penetrates through the skin through the skin and facilitates the absorption of other active -Plays an emollient, moisturizing, restoring and protecting anti-aging and photo-induced time trial.
�� oils, rice bran and sweet almond; oryzanol These oils are rich in essential fatty acids, act as surface moisturizing reducing transepidermal water loss and in-depth as eutrophic and stimulating the skin's functions. L 'oryzanol, derived from its' oil, rice bran, has strong antioxidant action and absorbs part of UV radiation by limiting the harmful effect on the skin.
�� Vitamin E Inhibitor of free radicals with powerful antioxidant action 30 JO INCI NAME:
INGREDIENTS / INGREDIENTS: Prunus amygdalus DULCIS (SWEET ALMOND) SEED OIL, Oryza Sativa (RICE) GERM OIL, PERFUME / FRAGRANCE * DICAPRYLYL ETHER **, ** DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE, HEXYLDECYL LAURA **, ** HEXYLDECANOL, WINCHES SPINOSA KERNEL OIL **, Oryzanol, ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate. * BENZYL SALICYLATE, linalool, limonene, 3-Cyclohexene carboxaldehyde Hydroxyisohexyl, Hydroxycitronellal, ALPHA-ISOMETHYL Ionone, Geraniol, Citral. ** Organic
Prunus amygdalus DULCIS (SWEET ALMOND) SEED OIL Sweet Almond Oil softening, nourishing, soothing
Oryza Sativa (RICE) GERM OIL oil obtained from seeds of rice photoprotective, nutrient
DICAPRYLYL ETHER ** ether of vegetable obtained from coconut emollient
DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE ** ester of vegetable obtained from coconut emollient
HEXYLDECYL LAURA **, ** HEXYLDECANOL plant-derived alcohol obtained from coconut emollient
Argania spinosa KERNEL OIL ** Organic Argan Oil restorative, protective, regenerating
Oryzanol ferulic acid ester, the active characteristics of rice bran natural sunscreen
ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (ROSEMARY) LEAF EXTRACT extracted from the leaves of rosemary antioxidant
Tocopheryl Acetate vitamin E ester powerful inhibitory action of free radicals in antioxidant, protects DNA from UV ** Organic
• Close the bottle well to avoid external contamination.
• Store in a cool place, away from light sources heat.
• Vegetable oils present a high percentage (87%) may the tub slippery exercise extreme caution.
• As with all oils, avoid contact with eyes and, if necessary, then rinse thoroughly.
Stop Testing on Animals Controlled by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) for LAV (Lega antivivisection) n.002 Ascolta Trascrizione foneticaDizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

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