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Fermented Rice Starch


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Pack: 60 cps of 350 mg Composition:
24,000 units per gram of amylase, an enzyme for digestion of starch; 6000 units per gram of protease, an enzyme for digestion of proteins; 4000 units per gram of lactase, the enzyme for digestion of lactose; 1000 units per gram of enzymes for the digestion of lipids.
Is obtained from the fermentation of rice by Aspergillus oryzae. It contains three groups of enzymes for the digestion of carbohydrates, two for the digestion of proteins and three for the fat. It also contains the lactase, which is used for the digestion of lactose and can be a great adjunct in alleviating milk intolerance.
The fermented rice starch helps food digestion and absorption of nutrients, reducing the importance of the problems stem from a slow digestion and / or incomplete (swelling and heaviness in the stomach, intestinal fermentation and intestinal gas) with reduced absorption of nutrients. The fermented rice starch is not disabled by changes in pH of the stomach and intestines and is able to exercise fully its effect.
Recommended dose:
1 to 2 capsules during or after meals.
Note Poor digestion and malabsorption of nutrients leads to the production of toxins and metabolic disorders, which contribute to premature aging clearly visible on the skin. The fermented rice starch improves the well-being of the body with especially visible effects in the appearance of skin

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