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Essential Oil Bergamot


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Essential Oil of Bergamot .

The healthy product. 10ml content.
The bergamot essential oil is derived from Citrus bergamia, a plant of the Rutaceae family. Known for its calming and antiseptic, it is useful against stress and depression.
Properties and benefits:
Antidepressant in aromatherapy is used to fight stress and to reduce the states of agitation, confusion, depression and fear, bringing optimism and serenity. If inhaled, it induces a joyful and dynamic mood, removing the psychological barriers. It enables us to give and receive love, to radiate happiness around him and treat others.
Soothing acts on the nervous system by counteracting anxiety states, is an effective remedy for insomnia, because it relaxes, reconciling sleep.
Antiseptic as all of the essential oils on the skin when applied, after dilution, plays a powerful antibacterial and disinfectant action, in case of abscesses and acne. In douching it is indicated against cystitis, leucorrhea and other infections and irritations of the urogenital tract. In mouthwashes, gargles are recommended against halitosis.

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