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Erbaven Patches


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Erbaven patches
Innovative patches based Troxerutin (flavonoid content in many varieties of plants, extracted from the flowers of Sophora japonica), Butcher's Broom, Horse Chestnut, Centella and Blueberry, specially designed to relieve tired legs, help to reduce swelling; simple and practical to apply. Thanks to the controlled release technology, the patches are able to concentrate for 6/8 hour natural substances directly on the treatment area, giving visible results from the first application. They contain no dyes, fragrances, parabens and silicones. Dermatologically tested.
How to use:
1) Before application, thoroughly clean the entire area to be treated
2) Pull out the envelope containing the support strip patches
3) Take a plaster separating from the backing strip and apply it to the popliteal fossa (behind the knee) or on the ankles of the two legs
4) Leave for 6/8 hour and then gently remove the patch.
Troxerutin Escina Centella asiatica Rusco Blueberry horse chestnut Aloe barbadensis Eucalyptus and Mint
Pack sizes: 24 Patches.

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