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Elm Shampoo Shower


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Elm Shampoo Shower
Centella asiatica and red vine Sweet almond protein
Bottle 200ml
Quick and easy, it transforms the time of the shower in a stirring energy refill.
Selected surfactants of vegetable origin, obtained from sugar and palm oil from coconut, absolute absence of SLS and SLES ** and dyes, make it particularly suitable for this delicate gel effectively cleanse the hair and scalp while fully respecting the balance of the skin.
Enriched with extracts of Centella asiatica and red vine and sweet almond proteins, setificanti, it has a gentle toning.
A mild foam to hold a moment on the skin to clean it but also to fix the intense and fresh scent.
A magical moment to gratify the skin.
Use: a few drops on a wet sponge turn into a soft foam emanating, as it cleans, a cloud full of precious woods that remain long on the skin, enriching it with a pleasant olfactory effect. Rinse, finally, thoroughly. The delicacy of the formula allows use even every day.

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