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Pack: 100 ml
Juniperus communis (young sprouts), Fraxinus excelsior (diamonds), Rosmarinus officinalis (young sprouts), Betula verrucosa (sap)
Physiological purposes:
The product supports the physiological processes of liver treatment designed to inactivate and eliminate the waste products of metabolism and exogenous toxic compounds. Assists the process of bile formation and favors fluidity. Also supports the anabolic physiological processes of liver cells. The above actions make it useful in controlling the physiological levels of metabolic products and / or toxic substances ingested or inhaled, fat in the liver and their content in the blood.
'S increase in the amount of bile can promote bowel function at the same time more waste products are expelled. Renal function also supports more filtration and urine production, with it are eliminated and made water-soluble conjugated substances by hepatic metabolism.
Recommended dose:
1 drop per kg of body weight 2 to 3 times a day

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