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Deodorant Natural Spray Unisex Verdesativa


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Deodorant Spray (no gas) odorless unisex 100% natural
The DEO SPRAY ANTIBACTERIAL UNISEX offering a completely natural protection against odors, leaving your skin breathe. With the sweat of the skin pH passes from the normal value of 5.5 to higher values ​​tending to 7.
The bacteria present on the epidermis are most active at high pH, ​​so degrade the components of sweat into many small volatile molecules (bad smell).
The THRIETHYL CITRATE inhibits the formation of odors since it is itself attacked by bacteria in place of the natural sebum and hydrolyses in ethyl alcohol and citric acid. Ethyl alcohol bacteria are unable to multiply - but do not die - (bacteriostatic function); while the citric acid, lowering the pH to normal values, in turn inhibits the enzymatic activity itself.
Suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate, thanks to the presence of 'OIL HEMP SATIVA a moisturizing and soothing, it leaves the skin dry and protected all day. Spray deodorant rich in natural elements anti odor, specifically for sensitive or easily irritated, also ideal as a decongestant and refreshing post depilatory treatment.
Packaging: 100ml
How to use
Apply to clean skin Repeat several times a day application Thanks to its special formulation, it is recommended the daily use To prevent skin redness and increase efficiency, we recommend the application after the use of a product for cleansing the Verdesativa body.
Aqua, Triethyl citrate, Ethyl lauroyl diked HCl, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Urea, Glucose, Sodium PCA, Sorbitol, Fructose, Glycine, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Sodium glutamate, Cannabis sativa seed oil, Citric acid, Glycolic Acid, Lysine, Malic acid, Potassium hydroxide, Sodium hydroxide, Tartaric acid.

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