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Chitosan + Strong


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Chitosan + Strong
Bottle of 60 tablets in blister packs
Fiber and Minerals Supplement with Chitosan purified . Greatly reducing the absorption of dietary fat , it is very useful in diets aimed at controlling cholesterol and body weight .
Practical Guide
Useful to counteract the absorption of fat -based Chitosan ( 450 mg ) , with a total intake of more than 600 mg of fiber ; guar flour , which taken before meals with plenty of water is able to swell giving a sense of satiety and reducing the sense of hunger ; Chrome .
Chitosan is a soluble fiber derived from chitin , which is the main constituent of the shells of shellfish. Chitosan has the ability to bind to fats in the diet , forming non-absorbable compounds , which are excreted in the feces. Chitosan acts , therefore, as a " fat sponge " limiting absorption.
Does not contain: gluten , deriv . milk , lactose , added sugar , added preservatives , artificial colors , artificial flavors , GMOs.
How to use: It is recommended to take 2 tablets twice a day with plenty of water , 10-15 minutes before your two main meals. You should drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Chitosan (450 mg) Guar gum ( 250 mg ) Chromium ( 20 mcg )

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