Centaur Energy Shot

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Centaur Energy Shot
is a nutritional supplement energy drink, handy, pocket-sized, and rich in vitamins and amino acids. Its main in..

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Centaur Energy Shot
is a nutritional supplement energy drink, handy, pocket-sized, and rich in vitamins and amino acids. Its main ingredients found in foods such as broccoli, avocados, fish ... or already in our bodies. With only 27 calories, contains caffeine equivalent to 2 cups of coffee ... and is not gassed (do not swell).
What does it do? • Improves performance and resistance to physical and mental effort. • Improve the threshold of attention, reaction speed and concentration. • Increase the feeling of wellness. • It stimulates the metabolism. When and where? • In the morning when you can not wake up. • After lunch, when "the lid locks you ...." • When you have to study or work hard. • Before playing sports. • When you travel and you get to drive. • When you feel tired and need a surplus of energy.
• Drink half (1/2) bottle for a moderate dose. • Drink an entire bottle for maximum energy. • Do not exceed the 2 bottles a day still consumed in 5 hours away from each other. • There needs to be refrigerated.
• It has detoxifying properties of metabolic waste substances accumulated during intense training and effort. • Beneficial properties in sports, cardiac activity, on muscle contractility and on recovery. • antioxidant properties, excellent in the prevention of aging.
• Properties detoxification of toxic substances produced by the metabolism of body or absorbed from the outside. • Significant Properties beneficial in memory retention and concentration.
• Tones and stimulates cardiac function and supporting frequency range. • It stimulates the nervous system by increasing the attention and supervision. • Promotes the metabolism of fat under the skin on one side and makes more energy available, the other facilitates weight loss. • Action thermogenic which increases the number of calories burned equal energy expenditure.
Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B7, B12):
• B3: essential in the production and consumption of energy. • B5: essential for cells to have enough energy to live and perform their vital functions. • B6: among other properties, acts as a natural diuretic. • B7 (Inositol): it is essential to allow the cell mitochondria to work best. These cell organelles in addition to being essential for the production of energy are one of the most important poles of detoxification of the cell. • B12: essential in the metabolism of nervous tissue, facilitating the smooth operation. It is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, turning them into energy.