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Cardio Plus - Nutritional Supplements


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Cardio Plus

Pack: Box of 60 ovalette .

Nutritional Supplements based Biopeptidin ( casein hydrolyzed and titrated extract of hawthorn ) extract titrated Olivo , useful for maintaining circulatory functions and the balance of blood pressure. Efficiency guaranteed by the clinical trial.
Guide Cardioplus

mixture of peptides characterized by three amino acids in a precise sequence obtained from the hydrolysis of casein ( the main protein in milk) and Hawthorn ( Crataegus oxyacantha ) flowers and leaves es * tit . 1.5 % vitexin 232.5 mg , its components , including the vitexin have various actions related to the welfare of the circulatory system . Has a in degree of favor physiological levels of blood pressure.
( Olea europaea ) leaves e.s. * tit . 6% oleuropein (250 mg). The leaves olive European are traditionally used for their action on blood pressure.
The effectiveness of Cardioplus was evaluated with a study conducted at the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Genoa.
The 6-week treatment with CARDIOPLUS (evaluation of 40 pcs. with hypertension grade 1 ) showed decreases of about 3 % of the values of Pressure Max and Min
Olivo e.s. tit . 6% Olivo e.s. tit . 6% 1000 mg
supply oleuropein - supply oleuropein 60 mg
Hawthorn e.s. tit . 1.5 % Hawthorn e.s. tit . 1.5 % 680 mg
contribution vitexinaapporto vitexin 10.2 mg
casein idrolizzataCaseina hydrolyzed 840 mg
Terms of Use:
2 Ovalette the morning and 2 Ovalette in the evening to swallow with water.
Does not contain: gluten , added preservatives , artificial coloring, artificial flavors , ogm. Suitable for vegetarians .

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