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Capelvenere Volumizing Conditioner


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PROGRAM AND LIGHT VOLUME fine and thin hair with split ends difficult to comb , with no volume
Bottle : 100ml

Fine hair , even if constitutionally healthy, have less protection from assaults : they tend easily to break and the formation of split ends.
Having a diameter of less than 20 % compared to that of a normal hair have a structure extremely fragile and far more delicate. Weather conditions such as humidity, which weighs them and the sun which makes them particularly dry, damage clearly this type of hair.
To highlight the beauty of thin hair you must use products especially targeted promote the compactness of keratin scales , ridonino force and make the hair softer substantial and increasing its strength and volume.
The active ingredients in synergy : Baobab, Jojoba and Wheat proteins THE RESULT:
Compact Resistance Volume
Baobab oil and Jojoba
Function of a good after -shampoo conditioner is mainly that to untangle the hair to avoid flickering , make them soft , easy to comb and give volume without weighing it down.
To achieve this, the Helan Balsamo , at acidic pH , could benefit integrated action of several active ingredients, such as extract of Baobab particularly moisturizing Jojoba oil which has a specific lubricant and tonic activity , which makes the product complete in every respect, perfect for your hair with the tips damaged that break .
The application of this real beauty mask promotes stem cell cohesion and ensure a progressive restructuring making hair perfectly combed and soft and giving brightness, density and volume.
after Shampoo , rinse thoroughly hair , apply a small amount of balm in several places and spread it gently with your fingers on the scalp and hair, combed with a wide tooth comb to distribute the best product.
Leave for a few minutes, then rinse long hair under the water warm or cold.
�� Baobab ( Adansonia digitata, fruit , seeds, leaves) is the age-old symbol of the peoples of Africa and is named locals as the "tree of life or pharmacist tree "for its richness in active principles are extracted from the leaves and the fruit from the seeds. In addition to be an excellent moisturizing, combing and improves the effect conditioning and repair of the hair fiber , especially if stressed, brittle and dry.
�� Jojoba oil ( Simmondsia chinensis , seeds) rich emollient waxes , acts on the cohesion of keratin flakes with remedial effect , protective of UV rays and revitalizing the hair brittle and dull.
To use the smooth , easily penetrates into the follicles and releasing sebum preventing the fall .

INGREDIENTS / INGREDIENTS : AQUA / WATER , Cetearyl Alcohol, DISTEAROYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE , CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , Simmondsia Chinensis ( JOJOBA ) SEED OIL ** BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , HYDROLIZED Adansonia digitata LEAF EXTRACT, PERFUME / FRAGRANCE , Cocos nucifera ( COCONUT ) OIL, Ethylhexyl Cocoate , Xanthan Gum , Lecithin , Tocopherol , Ascorbyl Palmitate , Disodium EDTA, CITRIC ACID . ** Organic

AQUA / WATER water
Cetearyl Alcohol plant-derived alcohol obtained from coconut
DISTEAROYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE , CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE quaternary ammonium compounds derived from natural conditioning effect , untangling , antistatic
Simmondsia Chinensis ( JOJOBA ) SEED OIL ** Jojoba oil extracted from seeds , from Agriculture Biological moisturizer , emollient , acts on the cohesion of keratin scales with remedial effect
HYDROLIZED Adansonia digitata LEAF EXTRACT extracted from the leaves of baobab moisturizing , conditioning and repairing fiber capillary
Cocos nucifera ( COCONUT ) OIL oil extracted from coconut emollient
Ethylhexyl Cocoate ester of vegetable obtained from coconut emollient
Xanthan Gum xanthan biopolisaccaride of fermented rheology modifier
Lecithin extracted from soybean antioxidant agent
Disodium EDTA chelating , sequestering
Tocopherol Vitamin E powerful inhibitory action of free radicals in antioxidant, protects DNA from UV
Ascorbyl Palmitate Vitamin C Ester powerful inhibitory action of free radicals in antioxidant, protects against photoaging (UVA ) and participates in the collagen synthesis.
CITRIC ACID natural acid pH adjuster
** Organic Stop Testing on Animals Controlled by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ) for LAV (Lega antivivisection ) n.002

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