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Capelvenere Nourishing Regenerating Mask


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NUTRIENT REGENERATION PROGRAMME dry hair, brittle , damaged
Bottle : 200ml
The hair has a flexible structure and strong, but in spite of these characteristics may happen that weaken and break easily .
This problem is especially dry hair that due to a lack of sebum production or external aggression , salinity, wind, causing alterations on the fiber , are subject to an impoverishment of their structure.
Dry hair also can be further damaged by overly aggressive products , a Excessive brushing or excessive use of hair dryer and styling plates . To address the shortcomings of these traditional hair requires delicate treatment , highly nutritious and regenerating, acting on the hair while maintaining the lightness and restores suppleness . force and structure .
The active ingredients in combination : babassu and jojoba oils , butter and wheat proteins Murumuru
Softness Force Structure
Babassu oil and butter Murumuru
A creamy texture , a very pleasant , that melts on dry hair brittle and in need of an especially nutritious with effective immediately regenerating . The mask makes the wrap - hair easy to comb gives new vitality , strength and infinite softness of silk.
The high concentration of the active ingredients of the oil Babassu and Murumuru butter , nourishing and strengthening , gives this treatment a special ability in the balance sebum production, the closure and restructuring of the fiber scales capillary which is often dried up.
The continued use of this product helps to combat dryness and fragility fostering an appreciable increase in mass capillary and its splendor.
evenly distribute the product once or twice weeks may be helping to damp hair with a comb and gently massaging the tips .
Cover the head with a little ' or a sheet of plastic wrap warmed so that it creates the heat necessary for penetration of the active ingredients to enhance the treatment effect . Rinse after 10 minutes of installation, with plenty of water lukewarm .
�� babassu oil AND BUTTER Murumuru 4.5%
�� Babassu oil ( Orbigny oleifera , seeds) rich in fatty acids and tocopherols , is a very aromatic oil indicated shaggy hair , dried , bleached, which makes it soft and hydrated , soft, elastic and easier to comb.
�� Murumuru Butter ( Astrocaryum Murumuru , seeds) integrates the fat part of the hydro-lipid film skin guarantee moisture and protection from external agents without a trace of greasiness. Also includes a high unsaponifiable , responsible for the antioxidant and stimulant of renewal phone. Key features to combat dryness and frailty and to improve the structure of the hair fiber .

INGREDIENTS / INGREDIENTS : AQUA / WATER , Cetearyl Alcohol, CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , ASTROCARYUM Murumuru SEED BUTTER ** BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , DISTEAROYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE , PERFUME / FRAGRANCE * Orbigny Oleifera ( BABASSU ) Seed Oil , Cocos nucifera ( COCONUT ) OIL, Ethylhexyl Cocoate , Xanthan Gum , Lecithin , Tocopherol , Ascorbyl Palmitate , Disodium EDTA, CITRIC ACID . * Hexyl Cinnamal , Linalool , Butylphenyl METHYLPROPIONAL , ALPHA - ISOMETHYL Ionone , Limonene . ** Organic

AQUA / WATER water
Cetearyl Alcohol plant-derived alcohol obtained from coconut
DISTEAROYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE , CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , CHLORIDE BEHENTRIMONIUM quaternary ammonium compounds derived from natural conditioning effect , untangling , antistatic
ASTROCARYUM Murumuru SEED BUTTER ** butter obtained from the seeds of Murumuru Organic rich in oleic acid has nourishing, emollient and moisturizer both on the skin that the hair
Orbigny Oleifera ( BABASSU ) SEED OIL oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols , obtained from Babassu nuts strengthening , restructuring , anti-oxidant .
Cocos nucifera ( COCONUT ) OIL oil extracted from coconut emollient
Ethylhexyl Cocoate ester of vegetable obtained from coconut emollient
Xanthan Gum xanthan biopolisaccaride of fermented rheology modifier
Lecithin extracted from soybean antioxidant agent
Tocopherol Vitamin E inhibitory action of free radicals with powerful antioxidant, protects DNA from UV
Ascorbyl Palmitate Vitamin C Ester inhibitory action of free radicals with powerful antioxidant, protects against photoaging (UVA ) and participates in the synthesis of collagen.
Disodium EDTA chelating , sequestering
CITRIC ACID natural acid pH adjuster
** Organic Stop Testing on Animals Controlled by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ) for LAV (Lega antivivisection ) n.002

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