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Capelvenere Moisturizing Mask detangling


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Wavy hair , curly , rebellious , prone to frizz difficult to manage especially if you want a hairstyle governed
Bottle : 200ml
The frizz is not typical only of curly hair , but even if with less intensity , than those smooth moves or , as regards the specific structure of the hair on which the distribution of the film protection is not uniform. The non-uniformity makes the scales of the rod so widespread react to moisture swelling uneven , twisting and curling the hair further , making electrical and unruly and giving thus rise to the characteristic frizz . In order to restore elasticity to curly hair, I wanted to pass it in soft , making them easy to comb and counteract the action of moisture on these than on either smooth or wavy , difficult to handle, you should follow the Helan new treatment program :
The active ingredients in synergy : Brazil nut oil , shea butter and Mango Wheat proteins and Moringa
THE RESULT: High Swirl comb Defined
Consistency is particularly rich , but light, and repair the hair wraps in an elastic film that protects the stem, giving vitality , support and brightness, without weighing it down.
The Brazil nut oil and butter in Mango develop an effective action restructuring that restores nourishment , hydration and smoothness to the hair also most tried and stopposi.Presenti in rich amounts in this formulation , it soften and strengthen the structure allowing to disentangle easily the crown.
Hydrating Mask , controlling and eradicating the excess volume electrostatic charges, cover the hair , improves combing , leaves curls soft and elastic , perfectly defined and well structured with optimal volume.
Easy to comb , in order to have the most rebellious hair soft and silky with desired elastic and shiny and smooth or slightly wavy hair , no longer electric light and keep fit.
evenly distribute the mask several times a week on possibly helping damp hair with a comb and massage tips gently.
Cover your head with a bit of plastic wrap or a towel warmed in so that it creates the heat necessary for penetration of the active enhance the effect of treatment .
Rinse after 10 minutes of installation, with plenty of lukewarm water.

�� Brazil nut oil and mango butter 4.5%
�� Mango butter (Mangifera indica , seeds) is a powerful moisturizer , emollient, able to restructure the stem of hair by sealing cracks formed in the cuticle and acting as detangling and elastic
�� Brazil nut oil ( Bertholletia excelsa , seeds) rich in fatty acids , phytosterols and vitamin acts as an effective action restructuring that restores softness and smoothness to the hair even more tested and stringy .

INGREDIENTS / INGREDIENTS : AQUA / WATER , Cetearyl Alcohol, CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , Mangifera indica ( Mango ) Seed Oil , GLYCERIN , BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , DISTEAROYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE , PERFUME / FRAGRANCE * Berthollet EXCELSA ( BRAZIL NUT) SEED OIL, Cocos nucifera ( COCONUT ) OIL, Ethylhexyl Cocoate , Xanthan Gum , Lecithin , Tocopherol , Ascorbyl Palmitate , Disodium EDTA, CITRIC ACID . * BENZYL SALICYLATE , Coumarin .

AQUA / WATER water
Cetearyl Alcohol plant-derived alcohol obtained from coconut
DISTEAROYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE , CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE , CHLORIDE BEHENTRIMONIUM quaternary ammonium compounds derived from natural conditioning effect , untangling , antistatic
Mangifera indica ( Mango ) Seed Oil butter obtained from the core of Mango emollient, moisturizing and restructuring
GLYCERIN vegetable glycerine humectant
Berthollet EXCELSA ( BRAZIL NUT) SEED OIL Brazil nut oil extracted from for an effective restructuring action that restores suppleness and silkiness even the most tried and stringy hair .
Ethylhexyl Cocoate ester of vegetable obtained from coconut emollient
Xanthan Gum xanthan biopolisaccaride of fermented rheology modifier
Lecithin extracted from soybean antioxidant agent
Disodium EDTA chelating , sequestering
Cocos nucifera ( COCONUT ) OIL oil extracted from coconut emollient
Tocopherol Vitamin E inhibitory action of free radicals with powerful antioxidant, protects DNA from UV
Ascorbyl Palmitate Vitamin C Ester inhibitory action of free radicals with powerful antioxidant, protects against photoaging (UVA ) and participates in the synthesis of collagen.
CITRIC ACID natural acid pH adjuster
Stop Testing on Animals Controlled by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ) for LAV (Lega antivivisection ) n.002

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