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Capelvenere Fluid Restructuring


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treated hair highlighted hair , bleached or dyed, permanent
Bottle : 100ml
Are a thousand reasons why we can dye your hair :
- To cover some gray wire ;
- to liven up our natural color ;
- to enrich our hair streaks ;
- To change the entire look ;
... in essence, to please the add charm to the image we have of ourselves. The products that allow us to give color to our hair usually exert aggression on the hair shaft because they expect an early stage of bleaching , which puts a strain on capillary structures by altering the natural acidity and depleting the protective hydro-lipid film . Even the hair healthy, shiny , full bodied, as a result of these treatments often become dry and dull , lose elasticity and are difficult to comb. The colors are also sensitive to light easily and tend to fade to the effect of UV .
A line of cosmetics targeted at hair colored with dyes must take into account their specific needs and make extensive use of active principles capable of ensuring highly protective action in the first place and, then , something very restorative and strengthening
The active ingredients in combination :
Grapefruit, Wasabi, babassu oil , jojoba and Marula , butters and mafura Cupuaçu , Wheat protein and Sweet almond
Cohesion Color
Special split ends Jojoba oil and Babassu Essential for
Special split ends Jojoba oil and Babassu
Essential for hair soft , strong and shiny. To restore vitality and strengthen the fibers quickly. Dry hair , brittle , damaged and even those treated avail themselves since the first application of lubricating oils and Jojoba Babassu that surround each hair in a light veil , as a microguaina welding split ends , increases the volume of hair and restores texture to the hair root .
Apply a few drops of fluid on the skin and hair to the tips is and dry , and mask after shampooing to wet hair. To better distribute the product to pass hands through his hair as comb , taking care to leave and arrive from the scalp end.
No need to rinse.
Dosarne the amount depending on the type of hair. Also suitable for dry hair, brittle , damaged
�� Jojoba oil ( Simmondsia chinensis , seeds) rich emollient waxes , acts on the cohesion of keratin flakes with remedial effect , protective of UV rays and revitalizing the hair brittle and dull. To use the smooth , easily penetrates into the follicles and releasing sebum preventing the fall .
�� Babassu oil ( Orbigny oleifera , seeds) rich in fatty acids and tocopherols , is a very aromatic oil indicated shaggy hair , dried , bleached, which makes it soft and hydrated , soft, elastic and easier to comb.

INGREDIENTS / INGREDIENTS : Cyclopentasiloxane, OCTAMETHYLCYCLOTETRA - SILOXANE , Dimethiconol , Orbigny Oleifera ( BABASSU ) Seed Oil , Simmondsia Chinensis ( JOJOBA ) SEED OIL, PERFUME / FRAGRANCE *. * Citronellol .

Cyclopentasiloxane, OCTAMETHYLCYCLOTETRA - SILOXANE , Dimethiconol molecules surrounding the hair as a microguaina welding split ends protective action and softening
Orbigny Oleifera ( BABASSU ) SEED OIL oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols, obtained from the nuts of Babassu strengthening , restructuring , anti-oxidant .
Simmondsia Chinensis ( JOJOBA ) SEED OIL Jojoba oil extracted from seeds moisturizer , emollient , acts on the cohesion of keratin scales with remedial effect
Stop Testing on Animals Controlled by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ) for LAV (Lega antivivisection ) n.002

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