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Pack: 100 op. - 380 mg / op. Composition
Angelica sinensis extract, soy isoflavones, hops extract, witch hazel powder, ginkgo extract.
Physiological purpose The product can improve the physiology of the passage from the fertile to the sterility of the woman. This period, menopause, can be characterized by physiological imbalances due in part to the lack of estrogen. The content of estrogen-like substances (phytoestrogens) may reduce these imbalances. Because of its composition, the product has a positive physiological effects on blood circulation promoting normal function. All this can have a positive impact on quality of life of women during the period in which a delicate physiological change in the body.
Recommended intake 1 capsule 2 times daily.
Notes Not recommended during the menstrual flow (Angelica s.) and during treatment with anticoagulants (Angela S., ginkgo), pregnancy (Angelica s.). Are possible in susceptible individuals, gastric disorders (witch hazel, ginkgo). E 'recommended maximum intake for six months then take a break

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