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Pack: 60 Capsules.
Formulation of probiotics for adults
Bioflor is a dietary supplement containing a mixture of probiotic strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5®, BB-12 ® Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG LGG®, Streptococcus thermophilus TH-4® and Lactobacillus paracasei ATCC 55544) helps improve the balance the intestinal flora.
The microorganisms in this formulation are microencapsulated in a polysaccharide matrix which makes them gastro. Adults, especially towards the age of 40, suffered a physiological reduction of the presence of many strains of bacterial friendly flora, resulting in increased susceptibility to chronic constipation or diarrhea on the contrary, to digestive disorders, bloating and heaviness. The formulation is stable after opening the bottle at room temperature.
BB-12®, LA-5® and TH-4® are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen.
LGG® is a trademark of Valio Ltd. It contains no lactose, lacto-derivatives and wheat.
Probiotics: Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5®, BB-12 ® Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG-LGG®, Streptococcus thermophilus TH-4®, Lactobacillus paracasei ATCC 55544. Bulking agent: Maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose. hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; Anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate vegetable; Thickener: sodium alginate.
Mode of use
Swallow 1 to 2 capsules a day, with water, between meals or with meals. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Packaged in bottles of 60 capsules.
Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. The supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

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