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Rhodiola rosea root es, whitamnia s. eg , Avena sativa flowering plant eg , leaves Melissa officinalis , Passiflora incarnata top eg , Hypericum perforatum top eg 0.3%.
Pack : 100 cps
physiological purposes :
The product can help the nervous system in its physiological functions especially as regards the physiology of chemical mediators (may promote the formation of serotonin reuptake and the physiological process of destruction and promote the formation adrenocorticotropic hormone , considered the stress hormone ACTH by the hypothalamus ) . This may positively influence mood and relaxation .
Feeding Recommendation :
1 to 2 capsules 2 times per day.
The presence of hypericin photosensitizing properties which is not recommended during recruitment, prolonged exposure to sunlight . Recent studies have shown that hypericum products contemporaneamenta not be taken the following medicines: oral contraceptives, cyclosporine , digoxin , theophylline , warfarin because ' hypericum can ' cause decreased effectiveness of these specialties ' medicines.

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