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Betulla Pubescens GD


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Betulla pubescens
Plant Description:
The Betula pubescens stimulates all catabolism: uric acid, urea and cholesterol because it acts on the liver detoxifying function by activating macrophages (Kupffer cells of the liver) and confirmed by tests Halpern. Gemmotherapy This is the remedy phase of the inflammatory exudates and is always associated with Alnus glutinosa gemmotherapy if there is a note of most chronic. Gems stimulate the immune system by activating the reticuloendothelial system. The leaves contain tannin, catechin, tannic acid, sugar, an alkaloid, an essential oil ethereal, glucosides, nicotinic acid. The macerate obtained from the buds of Betula pubescens preparing and facilitating the therapeutic action of the other more specific sull'organotropismo soaked.
Supplement their natural physiological capacity of the liver for disposal of toxins.
Pack of 50ml
Serving Suggestions: 20 to 40 drops or as medical advice, 2-3 times daily in a little water.

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