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Argan Oil Bio


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Argan Oil Bio
The Argan oil is one of the oldest trees on earth. Seems to have appeared about 60 million years ago. Its main feature is that it is present only in a small area of ​​southern Morocco from Essaouira to Agadir and beyond. It 'an endemic species that grows spontaneously between the mountain ranges and dell'Altlante dell'Antiatlante, which is a true Mediterranean forest that you can see through the area, the area declared by UNESCO "Biosphere Reserve". The Argan tree is a spiny evergreen that lives up to 200 years, reaching a height of 8-10 meters. The argan tree produces small drupes green, similar to olives, ripe turn orange. Inside the core contains two small seeds from which the oil is extracted, since thousands of years as a valued friend of the skin, marketed since the days of the Phoenicians and traditionally used by the Berber people of the area. property
Argan Oil , contains over 80% unsaturated fatty acids (Linoneico, linolenic acid), and is rich in tocopherols, flavonoids, carotenoids, xanthophylls, sterols and triterpenes. Its natural composition provides antioxidant action of the dermis. Due to the high percentage of linoleic acid (over 34%), argan oil has regenerating properties, moisturizing and restructuring properties, which prevent aging of the skin making it supple and nourished. how to use
Argan oil can be used at any age, ideal for children's skin, used as an after-bath, excellent nourishing the skin of the face and body that makes it elastic and smooth, preventing dryness and flaking.
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients:
Argania Spinosa Oil seed 100ml

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