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AloeTai Aloe and Blueberry

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Aloe Tai Aloe and Blueberry
Packaging: Bottle 1 Litre
Pure Aloe Vera juice extracted from fresh plants with the addition of cranberry juice, a fruit that can play an antiseptic in the intestine and the bladder, immunostimulant action, can promote circulation, strengthen the view and especially in children to prevent colds.
The blueberry is one of the herbal substances to highest antioxidant activity and, therefore, has an active role in preventing many aging phenomena; also waterproof and strengthens the capillaries and venous wall, improves microcirculation and relieves the discomfort of heavy legs, it helps to protect eyesight during exposures to the video of the computer or TV screen and can increase heart strength.
Juice aloe vera 97.2%, Blueberry juice and aroma of Blueberry Preservatives / Acidulants Potassium sorbate (0.07%) and sodium benzoate (0.03%), citric acid
How to Use it
We recommend taking 50 ml in the morning before or after breakfast also diluted in water. Shake well before use.

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