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Aloedermal Nourishing Shampoo


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Aloedermal shampoo Nourishing
Millet and with Argan Oil
Pack: 200 ml bottle
Shampoo for gentle cleansing action without damaging the concrete in depth that keeps hydrolipidic corneocitarie cohesive cells.
The presence of Borage allows the reinstatement fee of lipid skin moisturizing and a good work product. The high value of the product resulting from the use of two products such as aloe vera high reddening and Phytosterols.
Some derivatives of coconut, allantoin, panthenol and cysteine​​, as well as nourish the hair, making them easy to comb, shiny and not electrified.
Due to the delicacy of their components, may also be used daily.
Nourishing Shampoo
The natural active ingredients contained in the product (Argan oil, horsetail and millet) have actions aimed at nourishing the hair and its protection from external agents, improving volume and shine.
HYPOALLERGENIC PRODUCT OF NATURAL ORIGIN, No artificial preservatives, dyes, perfumes, parabens, SLS and SLES. REFERRED TO allergy testing, DERMATOLOGY AND MICROBATTERIOLOGICO.
Aloe Vera Oil Argan Millet Phytosterols Horsetail Panthenol Allantoin

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