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Aloe Solar Helioderm


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Food Supplement
It is a dietary supplement specially formulated with antioxidants that help the body to counteract the action of harmful free radicals , the nutrients promote a more rapid and persistent production of melanin , thus ensuring a fast tan.
Contains beta-carotene , which protects the skin from free radicals and gives a nice color bronze , dry extract of carrot , natural source of beta-carotene , copper , useful for the biosynthesis of melanin , Coenzyme Q10 , which is useful protection against the harmful actions of free radicals; Lycopene , Which exerts a protective action on the skin defending from photoaging , Aloe Vera , which is useful for its soothing and anti-inflammatory .
How to use:
1 capsule daily with water. In case of prolonged exposure to sunlight is best to start taking Helioderm 3-4 weeks before .
Beta-carotene at 10 % or b- carotene 6.5 mg , Carrot riz . e.s. 6 & carotene 50 mg, Aloe vera leaf extr . conc . 200:1 20 mg, Coenzyme Q10 10 mg , Copper gluconate equivalent to Copper 1 mg , Lycopene 5% 5 mg .
Does not contain: gluten, deriv . milk , lactose , added sugar , preservatives , artificial flavors , ogm.

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