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Aloe Plus


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Aloe barbadensis Miller - Aloe ferox Miller Family: Liliaceae Medicinal plant
Pack: 100 op. - 450 mg/op.
Aloe ferox (juice) 300 mg powder Aloe ferox (juice) 150 mg dry extract (20% derived hydroxyanthracene)
Part used: leaves. We use the juice that is obtained by engraving the surface of the leaves, the juice is concentrated by heat. He looks dark brown (Aloe barbadensis), with greenish in 'Aloe ferox. The gel and will be in pulp cells of the central part of the leaves, is obtained after the removal of the outer tissues of the leaf.
Active ingredients:
Juice :15-30% of derivatives hydroxyanthracene, aloin is the majority, bitter principles, resins. Gel: amino acids, sterols, enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, water.
Physiological purposes:
The juice promotes intestinal peristalsis, supports the physiological functions involved in the production and secretion of bile. For these actions, the product promotes intestinal transit The gel has soothing, emollient, protective mucous membranes.
Usage and dosage: 1 to 2 capsules per day

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