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Aleppo Soap 16%


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Aleppo Soap 16%
Vegetable soap with olive oil and laurel oil Ancestor of the soap , was formulated by residents of Mesopotamia . Since these origins, Citadel of Aleppo , located north of Syria, become prosperous through the trade of caravans spices and silk between East and West, continues to pass on this wonderful tradition.
Pack of 200g of 16%
The sweetness of the olive and gently force scents of the sun are united under the East to create this soap , whose therapeutic are extraordinary.
Because of its rarity and its preciousness is reserved for the rich East who use it for cleaning the body and , both linen and delicate rugs . Every year in November, olive oil and laurel are extracts, and the same ritual is repeated in the caravanserai Old Souk of Aleppo.
Olive oil (exclusively) is cooked for several days flame in the cauldron with the old process saponification.
At the end of the cooking when the pasta is ready, it will added oil , laurel berries , in order to enrich and to perfume. It 's the amount of this oil (16 %) and gives the highest value to the soap.
After casting and cooling comes time the manual cutting of the pieces of soap.
These pieces , in green , I finally made dried in the open for a very long period of maturation : the sun will be a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 12 months .
Each piece is brushed and cleaned under running water before the sale.
Laurus nobilis FRUSTUS graduate LAURI OLEUM
The oil of laurel berries has iperemizzante action and pesticides. It is applied to boils, abscesses , skin and skin inflammation . Fights rheumatism and neuralgia.
It contains no synthetic dyes and preservatives
INGREDIENTS: Olea Europea , Laurus Nobilis , Aqua , Sodium Hydroxide , Sodium Chloride .

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