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Agrumee Bathroom Shower


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revitalizing - hair and body
Yuzu and Ginseng Sweet Almond Protein
Fast and practical, transforms the time of cleansing in a stimulating energy recharge.
The cleaning of plant origin, derived from sugar and palm oil, coconut, SLS and SLES **, * without preservatives and dyes, here are enriched by extracts of ginseng and Yuzu, energizing and stimulating, as well as from sweet almond proteins, silky, giving a soft, fluffy hair and skin soft and velvety, with full respect for the balance of the skin. The personal bouquet "Agrumče" recalls a harmonious balance of atmospheres in which the protagonists are lively and read opening notes of citrus, which is widely perceived on the skin to live in a fully sparkling freshness.
Use: to smooth muscle fatigue and reduce tensions with the rub Scented Gel whole body under running fast and invigorating shower. A thorough rinsing completes the pleasure of the shower. The delicacy of the formula allows it to use almost every day. Product particularly suitable for sensitive skin and easy to redness.
* Former EC Reg 1223/09 ** No SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate) and without SLES (Sodium Laurileteresolfato)

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