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Advanced Bcaa


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Packaging: 100 capsules
toned muscles more energy less fatigue more volume greater recovery
If you follow a good diet, you train well and use the right product , you can get all this! When you make intense efforts can threaten to disrupt or prolonged muscle mass.
How can you protect yourself ? ADVANCED with BCAA , the BCAA supplement glutamine reinforced ! When using ADVANCED promotes the use of BCAA BCAA instead of your muscles to create energy. This means better results for you in terms of muscle mass. The ingredients in this product helps you achieve better muscle size and feel more energetic .
more intense workouts ! Save Muscle ! More recovery! The formula is so advanced that we have made twice as much leucine than the classical products (our product is the unique formula 4:1:1 ) . Leucine alone is more effective in combating muscle breakdown of the other ingredients combined.
Leucine is the real engine of BCAA ! In addition we added glutamine to promote muscle size and greater recovery.
Ingredients : L- Leucine , Glutamine Peptide (from hydrolyzed wheat proteins ), L - Isoleucine , L- Valine , maize starch , Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 , Vitamin B2, Beta-carotene , selenium chelate AA .
Notes : In case of prolonged use ( more than 6-8 weeks) the doctor's opinion . The product is contraindicated in cases of renal disease , pregnant and under 14 years . You should not exceed dosage. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet .

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